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What's New

Release 1.3.25 (14-Sep-17)
  • Improvement: When you click link in trial balance report, it will take you to general ledger instead of chart of account.
  • Improvement: Changed chart of account selection dropdown on reports page so that it is easy to search between them.
  • Fix: It was not generating auto chart of account code when creating first chart of account under any parent.
Release 1.3.24 (8-Sep-17)
  • Improvement: Added email address to user's page, this will help users to reset their password in case they forget it.
  • Improvement: Vouchers are now sorted by date instead of their number, latest would show on top.
  • Feature: You can specify voucher number now, if you don't it will generate one for you.
  • Improvement: It will auto generate new number for chart of account code but you can change still it.
  • Fix: Delete option rights were not working for some companies on chart of account listing, its fixed now.
Release 1.3.20 (23-Aug-17)
  • Feature: Export to pdf and excel option on chart of account listing screen so that user does not have to go to report screen.
Release 1.3.19 (18-Aug-17)
  • Fix: Special vouchers (purchase, sale, cpv, crv, bpv and brv) were showing Journal Voucher in the title of browser.
  • Fix: Vouchers were not displaying any error message if voucher date is missing or in invalid format.
  • Fix: When user opened Sales Invoice the selected menu was Purchase instead of Sales Invoice.
  • Improvement: For new voucher it has current system date by default.
  • Feature: News page is added under help menu where users' can follow us on social media.
  • Feature: Company Admin can now set the configuration to not immediately post vouchers. They will be first approved to post them.
  • Feature: Contact Us page is added under help menu so that you can send us message even wihtout signing in to the application.
  • Feature: Added balance amount on journal voucher, it helps to see how much amount is required to balance the voucher.
Release 1.3.12
  • New Feature: Pie chart is added to dashboard to show the assets distributions.
  • Improvement: When user opens a page it shows that particular item selected in menu.
  • New Feature: Now admins can give access to menu on roles page.
  • Fix: Specialized vouchers are now working and using new dropdown.
  • Fix: Sales invoice print button is fixed in listing.
Release 1.3.11
  • New Feature: New items added in inventory section which are Sales Order, Purchase, Sales Invoice.
  • New Feature: Approve voucher screen is added to allow user to approve auto vouchers before they affect the system.
  • New Feature: Auto voucher setting screen is added so that users can customize their auto voucher entries.
  • Fix: Error on creating new chart of account is resolved.
Release 1.3.10
  • Improvement: Error while downloading voucher pdf.
Release 1.3.9
  • Fix: Error while downloading voucher pdf.
Release 1.3.8
  • New Feature: Now reports allow to click on links to go to website such as chart of account, voucher, company website
  • Fixed: It should not allow deleting chart of account if there is any child available.
  • New Feature: New report Financial Activity by User.
  • New Feature: New report Financial Activity by Date.
  • New Feature: New report Financial Activity by VoucherType.
  • New Feature: New report Financial Activity by Chart of Account.
  • New Feature: New report Financial Activity (Consolidated).
  • Improvement: Increased the time of automatic sign-out so that user does not have to sign-in again and again in short period of time.
  • New Feature: Checkbox "Each group on seperate page" on report criteria, where applicable.
  • New Feature: Checkbox "Repeat header on every page" on report criteria.
Release 1.3.6
  • Voucher printing feature
  • Fixed voucher editing and deletion issues
  • Fixed total amount in voucher listing
  • Fixed paging issue on voucher listing
Release 1.3.5
  • More details are added to stock, item ledger, and party ledger reports
  • Completed inventory and finance module

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